Time to GO TO THE MATTRESSES. FIGHT for the life you really want.

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Time to GO TO THE MATTRESSES. FIGHT for the life you really want.

go to the mattressesSunday afternoons are good for catching up with work and planning the week ahead, but let’s be honest.. Sometimes that happens in front of the TV. Today, as I was filling out my day planner (yes, I still write things down.. with a pencil!) the movie “You’ve Got Mail” was on. You know that one from the 90’s with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? I had seen it a million times, but today I realized: It’s all about Rising Above.

There I was, working away, and these words caught my attention: “GO TO THE MATTRESSES.”

Kathleen (Meg’s bookstore owner character), was watching her life crumble around her. A serious relationship had just ended. Her family bookstore was about to go under, and of course she felt like giving up. Who wouldn’t?

She was talking to Joe about her problems (watch the movie for the whole story) and he gave her this advice:


Of course, she had no idea what he was talking about.

Apparently it’s a famous line from “The Godfather,” which if you’re a guy you already know. In The Godfather, it meant to prepare for an all out war. The fight of all fights. The place where you gather your thoughts, strategize and plan your attack on the thing that is threatening you most.

That got me thinking. Kathleen was like a lot of ladies out there. Most of us (not all), just aren’t used to “taking it to the mattresses.” That’s why the men knew what it meant but she didn’t. We aren’t always wired to fight for ourselves.

But here’s the thing… Rising Above means just that. It means preparing to take control of our lives. Doing whatever it takes to make things better. Not declaring war on others… ruthless actions never lead to positive outcomes. But standing up and deciding to FIGHT to make our lives better.

In our case, “going to the mattresses” means making the conscious decision to stand up, strategize and take action toward the future we really want.

It means finding our strength. Sometimes our enemy is ourselves.   

Kathleen’s fight didn’t end up achieving what she wanted but at least she dug deep, stood up and made the effort. So this is my Sunday advice for all of you. Want to reclaim your life? You have to be willing to fight for it. Make the effort. Be brave…

GO TO THE MATTRESSES for the life you truly want.

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