Planning your Holiday Budget Part 1: “The List”

//Planning your Holiday Budget Part 1: “The List”

Planning your Holiday Budget Part 1: “The List”

The first step to surviving the Holidays with money left over: MAKE THE LIST. Santa’s not the only one who lives by the list… it can work for you too! Making a detailed gift list is what sets you up for budget success this season.

Join me this month in a 3 part video series about how to survive the Holiday Season without blowing your budget! Budget is NOT a bad word… it’s your financial superpower! Rising Above Your Expenses is easy… IF you commit to planning ahead.

Watch the first part of our Holiday budget video series below. And to make it SUPER easy for you to stay on track, I’ve put together a FREE worksheet to help you create your Holiday budget list at home. To download, just click the button and its yours!




To learn more about how to Rise Above Your Expenses, check out Desteni’s new e-book… it’s ON SALE through the end of 2018!

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