Got a goal? To get ANYWHERE in life, you have to set a destination.

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Got a goal? Most of us think we do. We have all kinds of ideas about how we want our life to be. Our Pinterest boards are full of the beautiful things we want, the kind lifestyle we want to lead and the places we want to go. We have vision boards and notebooks, pages ripped out of magazines and tack boards to remind us of our future-to-be. We call these our #lifegoals. And we move forward every day with what [...]

How my five-year plan made me financially independent at age 36.

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Yes. Financially independent. That means if I wanted to stop working tomorrow, I could live the rest of my life without worrying about how to pay my monthly expenses. I dont want to stop working (I love my job!)… but I could. By making a plan that guided my choices and decisions in life, I am now in a position where I can breathe easy when it comes to money. It wasn’t always that way though, friends. For quite a while, [...]

Planning ahead can reap big rewards… sometimes you can even get things for FREE!

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Check it out...  I was able to fill these carts with $679.16 of items for my home using my credit cards points!! I literally didn't spend a penny of my hard earned cash. I know....I know it may seem skeptical, but over time I have built my points up that I was able to cash in and get $1500 in gift cards to Home Depot and the kicker....I NEVER paid my credit card company a penny in interest. I am a [...]