Debt is for ding-dongs… and other superwoman rules for living.

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Women are freaking amazing, arent we? We are lovers and leaders, nurturing and naughty, mommas, aunts, sisters and friends. We’ve ridden wonderful highs and fought back from ridiculous lows. We manage households, run companies, wipe tushies and prop up others while birthing big dreams and planning for futures to come. For ourselves and for others. Let’s face it. Women kick some serious ass.  We are from a hundred different backgrounds and have had thousands of unique life experiences, but there is [...]

How my five-year plan made me financially independent at age 36.

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Yes. Financially independent. That means if I wanted to stop working tomorrow, I could live the rest of my life without worrying about how to pay my monthly expenses. I dont want to stop working (I love my job!)… but I could. By making a plan that guided my choices and decisions in life, I am now in a position where I can breathe easy when it comes to money. It wasn’t always that way though, friends. For quite a while, [...]

Time to GO TO THE MATTRESSES. FIGHT for the life you really want.

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Sunday afternoons are good for catching up with work and planning the week ahead, but let’s be honest.. Sometimes that happens in front of the TV. Today, as I was filling out my day planner (yes, I still write things down.. with a pencil!) the movie “You’ve Got Mail” was on. You know that one from the 90’s with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? I had seen it a million times, but today I realized: It’s all about Rising Above. There [...]

Better choices lead to better changes

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It’s that time of year again… spring has officially sprung (kinda… brrr!) and we’re all making plans about what to do when our TAX REFUNDS hit our mailboxes! Woo HOOOO!!! The thrill of extra money! It’s exciting! It’s emotional! (“Finally I’ll feel free to spend a little!”) And quite often, that mini-windfall is burning hundreds of hot little holes in our pocket. What to do? How ever shall I spend it?? Wheeeeeeeeee!   “After I pay some bills, maybe I’ll get [...]

Light That Freaking Fire

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Dealing with money issues every day can make us feel like a big old pile of ashes. Burned up. Burned out. Gray, dull, soft and smushy. No spark. No light to shine. No anchor. Like if the wind blew hard enough… you could blow away at any minute. I know it’s pretty hard to believe that you can make a real difference in your life when everything  seems so fragile. BUT YOU CAN. Because there’s a fire burning inside of YOU [...]