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I help women find ways to Rise Above their sucky money pasts and realize the path to strong financial futures.

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Change isn’t easy. Moving from a place of pain and struggle to one of strength and possibility takes work. It takes grit. Determination. Sometimes even a bit of sacrifice.  Moving to a new place in your life, whether it is financially motivated or tied to the strength of your very soul can mean going through even more pushing and weirdness and resistance before you come out on the other side a fully changed woman. I’ll be completely honest: Birthing a “new [...]

What’s worth it? It’s not a sacrifice if it moves you forward.

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If you’re reading this right now, the chances are pretty high that you want to see some kind of change happen in your life. We all do in one way or another. For some of us, it’s a change in the status of our financial lives. For others, it may be a change in our personal lives. For most… it’s the BIG change. It’s a deep desire to shift the way we approach our lives. They’re all intertwined. As “they” say… [...]

Debt is for ding-dongs… and other superwoman rules for living.

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Women are freaking amazing, arent we? We are lovers and leaders, nurturing and naughty, mommas, aunts, sisters and friends. We’ve ridden wonderful highs and fought back from ridiculous lows. We manage households, run companies, wipe tushies and prop up others while birthing big dreams and planning for futures to come. For ourselves and for others. Let’s face it. Women kick some serious ass.  We are from a hundred different backgrounds and have had thousands of unique life experiences, but there is [...]

Are you choosing success… or struggle?

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Here’s the question of the day. And for every day really: Today, right now… are you choosing success? Or are you choosing struggle? “Well that’s a crazy thing to say Desteni... I mean.. Why would I CHOOSE struggle? No one CHOOSES struggle. It just HAPPENS. If I could do anything about it, I would. But I can’t. That’s what struggle IS.” Yes. There are times in everyone’s lives when bad things happen. We can’t control everything, and let’s be honest… there [...]

Got a goal? To get ANYWHERE in life, you have to set a destination.

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Got a goal? Most of us think we do. We have all kinds of ideas about how we want our life to be. Our Pinterest boards are full of the beautiful things we want, the kind lifestyle we want to lead and the places we want to go. We have vision boards and notebooks, pages ripped out of magazines and tack boards to remind us of our future-to-be. We call these our #lifegoals. And we move forward every day with what [...]

How my five-year plan made me financially independent at age 36.

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Yes. Financially independent. That means if I wanted to stop working tomorrow, I could live the rest of my life without worrying about how to pay my monthly expenses. I dont want to stop working (I love my job!)… but I could. By making a plan that guided my choices and decisions in life, I am now in a position where I can breathe easy when it comes to money. It wasn’t always that way though, friends. For quite a while, [...]

Planning your Holiday Budget Part 3: “The Plan”

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Join me this month in a 3 part video series about how to survive the Holiday Season (and plan for the next one) without blowing your budget! Budget is NOT a bad word… it’s your financial superpower! Rising Above Your Expenses is easy… IF you commit to planning ahead. Watch parts 1 and 2 of our Holiday budget video series on the blog. If you missed Part 1, you can find it HERE, along with a FREE worksheet to help you create [...]